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What would you develop?

Imagine a future where you own

While you may think of the .com generic domain namespace is out if reach, it’s not, at least not in regard to this amazing name which is still looking to be fully developed.

Think about it, It’s a domain name everybody remembers. It’s big and yet, it could be yours.

Why sell Because the name is destined for something bigger than its current purpose and if you’re reading these lines, you could be the one to use it as the foundation for your next big project.

Will it be cheap? No, it won’t because this particular super-generic, .com domain name happens to be amazing so the price is set accordingly. If some buyers think it’s too expensive, it’s likely a result of their lack of vision for the market can help reach, over the coming decades.

Are you the right buyer? You alone can decide on this matter but if you’re still reading this, maybe you are. Wherever you’re located, whatever language you speak, you understand how much untapped potential this spectacular domain name has. Embrace your dreams, seize the day and buy


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