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News flows at the speed of the web and we don’t want to miss anything.

To make your hunt for interesting news bits easier, offers you this buzz engine where interesting pieces from the social media or our editing desk is presented to you, in an elegant and accessible manner.

Wether or not you’re a member with the social media where the news comes from doesn’t matter since it’s our credentials which are used to fetch the news, from a variety of popular content makers.

Sometimes, getting a bigger picture makes sense and what better place to get that picture than a domain name like It’s a match that makes sense and best of all, you can easily remember the name.

Who doesn’t think about popularity, right?

So make this buzz yours and delve into seemingly endless content streams that’ll keep you buzzing, as long and as often as you like.

Don’t forget to share, that’s the way your world gets wind of what catches your eye!

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