Saturday, May 15, 2021

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Whatever the subject I get interested in, if I believe you’ll like it too, then rest assured I take pride in sharing it.

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Like most of my readers and followers, I’m curious, interested and generous in the way I communicate.

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In so many ways, sharing is caring and that’s what I do, here at

Feeding the bountiful buzz on all of those cool things you most likely want to know more about.

The web is the new gathering ground for amazing people, just like you!

Using my web destination, built on WordPress, an open source script running on PHP and MySQL (yeah, I can geek), I bring stuff to your attention because I believe them to be meaningful.

I’m not looking to limit myself.

Quite the contrary, I intend to continue using the web to expand my knowledge, my amazement and even my consciousness.

This little corner of the web is a one man operation but thankfully, I can count on family, friends and people like you to channel a mix of new knowledge, encouragements and lunch funds.

It’s an ever evolving voyage into the vast expanses of the information age.

And you’re welcome to join me.

Claude Gelinas
Editor… and so much more!

the buzz

If it’s not popular yet, I’ll do my small part to make it so.

From this point on, I suggest you dive into the main content.

It’s a process…

  1. Read
  2. Learn
  3. React
  4. Share

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